Manager – Safety Management System

Feb 14, 2020

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is hiring a Manager – Safety Management System. What is the process for posting this position?

Manager – Safety Management System

Provides leadership in establishing a comprehensive safety management system designed to manage the overall safety risks across the organization. It includes strategies, policy, objectives, plans, procedures, organization, responsibilities and other measures. Collaborates and influences leaders across organizations to align and drive corporate behavior; includes the ten tenets of a Safety Management System (SMS) and the four pillars of Safety. Manages all efforts associated with SMS programs, including planning, implementation and oversight. Models and promotes a positive safety culture through effective communication, leadership, guidance and support.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop and drive implementation of SMS Governance Structure and Operating Model across the organization. Responsible for directing and managing all SMS strategy efforts at SDG&E.
SMS Process Identification, Approach, and Training. Develop a complete detailed list of SMS-required processes, identify existing and missing documentation, and evaluate adequacy relative to SMS. Provide SMS Status Report to Executive Sponsors and updates with detailed status of each process and plans to remedy all deficiencies.
Expand the Operating Unit Risk Registry (OURR) Process. Establish a governance process that provides linkages from the corporate Enterprise Risk Registry to operational safety processes. Establish the approach to support a repeatable OURR process, including mitigation identification and measurements that support SMS-required risk considerations, mitigation activities, and safety risk reductions.
Develop and drive implementation of SMS Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Process. Utilizing the Four Pillars of Safety to develop QA/QC structure, process, controls, and KPIs related to SMS. Develop process of tracking the SMS as part of Change Management.
Develop and support change management to embed new SMS concepts, processes, procedures, and requirements into the leadership and operational cultures across the enterprise. Develop a change management plan that defines the strategy, activities, and roles to manage and control change related to the implementation of a SMS.
Communicate with, and encourage the SDG&E Executive Steering Team and Business Unit Director’s to participate in workshops, interviews, and development tasks to support an aggressive implementation schedule. Communicate information throughout the utility on an ongoing basis as to the status of SMS implementation, SMS management efforts, data trends, risk mitigation efforts, program compliance, and all other SMS-related efforts/issues.


Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, occupational safety and health, computer science, business, or a related field required.
10 years related experience in program management, operations and/or safety, of which two years reflect direct involvement in a safety management system, quality management system, risk management system or environmental management system approach, is required.
3 years – experience as supervisor or manager required.
Prior experience in regulatory compliance oversight, employee training, data analysis, risk assessment strategies, compliance auditing, preventative and corrective action identification, and hazard mitigation is required.
Demonstrated advanced problem-solving skills.
Ability to communicate effectively and clearly using both written and verbal communications with employees at all levels, including the Executive Office
Prioritize work load and complete projects and assignments with accuracy and timeliness.
Ability to organize, analyze, interpret, and clearly explain operation/technical information associated with SMS program compliance.

Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) or Associate Safety Professional (ASP) or Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Preferred

Bryanna Walker

Sr. Optimization & Project Advisor

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