Safety Manager

Sep 11, 2020

Safety Manager

The Safety Manager is responsible for the development, oversight, training and maintenance of the health and
safety program. This position also implements safety programs and procedures, documents processes within the
organization, and is responsible for the quality control audits of all construction/cell sites ensuring safety
compliance as outlined by company and OSHA directives.

• Supervising and leading in multiple aspects of Health, Safety, and Emergency Response.
• Complete and maintain OSHA 300 log.
• Manage injuries and post injury care.
• Investigate accidents and near-misses by interviewing effected parties and follow up with timely
investigation reports.
• Manage, oversee and monitor safe fleet operations to include; safe operation of vehicles, conduct safe
driver training, accident investigations, insurance claims and repairs, theft & recovery.
• Evaluate, assess and alter safety procedures and policies to improve the working conditions of health
and welfare for employees and clients.
• Plan, organize, coordinate and conduct employee safety training.
• Report known or identified hazards to the project management.
• Visit/travel to job sites and to conduct safety audits on personnel, equipment and materials.
• Analyze accident reports and evaluate injury case studies based on available facts and administer
disciplinary actions when required.
• Ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies and standards.
• Track incident metrics and apply findings.
• Lead injury and incident inquiries and evaluations and conduct retraining/certification when required.
• Work with the OSHA/customer on a local and national level to mitigate/remedy any health and safety
concerns and produce corrective action plans when required.
• Conduct pre-employment safety orientation.

Qualifications / Requirements
• 5+ years of experience in safety and construction industry or related field.
• Knowledge of telecommunication construction sites.
• Experience in the telecom industry and understand the specific safety issues inherent to cell sites.
• Experience presenting information that promotes safety, health and wellness.
• interact and support individuals across the organization and must possess strong communication and
interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of Fed & Cal OSHA standards, as well as industry standards.
• Ability to interact with local, state, federal agencies as well as police and fire.
• Ability to train, influence and motivate team members.

Working Conditions
• Office environment, sitting, standing.
• Indoor/Outdoor driving in all conditions.
• Ability to lift, pull, carry, or push heavy objects up to 50 pounds.
• Requires the use of hands for simple grasping and fine manipulations.
• Requires bending, squatting, crawling, climbing, and reaching.

The point of contact is Cynthia Inman @