CAVO Corner

In late 2011 the elected officers of the local chapters of ASSE, RIMS and CPCU got together to discuss ways in which the local community may benefit from our members’ collective safety,  risk management and insurance experiences. These officers wanted to provide opportunities for their members to voluntarily support local non-profits with monetary donations, donations of needed items, or with good old fashioned elbow grease.

A History of Our Selected Charities

CAVO 2012
Freedom Station is the leader in providing temporary lodging facilities, as well as educational and career guidance to our Nation’s injured and disabled military heroes who are medically retired or discharged. We aid them as they begin the transition from defenders of freedom to productive members of America’s civilian work force. Freedom Station also enables personal interaction between our military Warriors and uniquely qualified volunteers and professionals who can assist them with many of the challenges they will face during the transition to civilian life.

In 2012 our combined efforts supported Freedom Station for wounded warriors and provided car loads of household items and over $5,000 in gift cards.

CAVO 2013
San Diego Youth Services is a nationally recognized, comprehensive non-profit organization that has helped stabilize the lives of more than a half-million young people and their families since 1970. Every day we work to fight the tragedies of homeless youth and youth in crisis. We administer our programs from fourteen locations throughout San Diego County. Our approach is based on practices that have proven to be effective — focusing on long-term solutions. Many of our services are replicated in communities across the nation.

CAVO 2016 –
Hello Incredible Volunteers!!!
On behalf of ASSE, CAVO, IICF, PWI, and RIMS, Betsy Johnson and I want to thank you for your amazing, wonderful, and incredible efforts this past weekend at the Volunteer painting event for SD Youth Services.  Talking with Cynde afterward, she was very appreciative and thankful for all of your hard work. In the words of David Thomas, “unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” To give one’s time and talent for a good cause is a special gift to humanity… thank you for sharing your time and love, and for being an inspiration to us all!  Steve – IICF 2016 CAVO Chairperson