Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Jul 11, 2019

Environmental Health & Safety Manager 19-044

Candidate will facilitate the assurance of Company compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations by monitoring Company activities and performing or recommending actions to achieve compliance. Various of these activities include: monitoring emissions to water, air, sewers, etc., and prepare required reports for various agencies, prepare routine applications for permits requires by environmental and government agencies for activities covered by environmental laws and regulations, and develops and reviews Safety Department documents, procedures, manuals, and safety related procedures of other departments, for compliance with OSHA standards, yard safety rules, and safety and health regulations. Candidate must have a broad knowledge of the principles and techniques of chemistry and engineering gained through a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or Chemical, Civil or Environmental Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology, Industrial Safety, a related field or equivalent experience; plus a minimum of three years related experience.

Contact: russell.mccarthy@hii-tsd.com