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Posted: Sep 25, 2020

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Safety Manager

Posted: Sep 11, 2020

Safety Manager

The Safety Manager is responsible for the development, oversight, training and maintenance of the health and
safety program. This position also implements safety programs and procedures, documents processes within the
organization, and is responsible for the quality control audits of all construction/cell sites ensuring safety
compliance as outlined by company and OSHA directives.

• Supervising and leading in multiple aspects of Health, Safety, and Emergency Response.
• Complete and maintain OSHA 300 log.
• Manage injuries and post injury care.
• Investigate accidents and near-misses by interviewing effected parties and follow up with timely
investigation reports.
• Manage, oversee and monitor safe fleet operations to include; safe operation of vehicles, conduct safe
driver training, accident investigations, insurance claims and repairs, theft & recovery.
• Evaluate, assess and alter safety procedures and policies to improve the working conditions of health
and welfare for employees and clients.
• Plan, organize, coordinate and conduct employee safety training.
• Report known or identified hazards to the project management.
• Visit/travel to job sites and to conduct safety audits on personnel, equipment and materials.
• Analyze accident reports and evaluate injury case studies based on available facts and administer
disciplinary actions when required.
• Ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies and standards.
• Track incident metrics and apply findings.
• Lead injury and incident inquiries and evaluations and conduct retraining/certification when required.
• Work with the OSHA/customer on a local and national level to mitigate/remedy any health and safety
concerns and produce corrective action plans when required.
• Conduct pre-employment safety orientation.

Qualifications / Requirements
• 5+ years of experience in safety and construction industry or related field.
• Knowledge of telecommunication construction sites.
• Experience in the telecom industry and understand the specific safety issues inherent to cell sites.
• Experience presenting information that promotes safety, health and wellness.
• interact and support individuals across the organization and must possess strong communication and
interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of Fed & Cal OSHA standards, as well as industry standards.
• Ability to interact with local, state, federal agencies as well as police and fire.
• Ability to train, influence and motivate team members.

Working Conditions
• Office environment, sitting, standing.
• Indoor/Outdoor driving in all conditions.
• Ability to lift, pull, carry, or push heavy objects up to 50 pounds.
• Requires the use of hands for simple grasping and fine manipulations.
• Requires bending, squatting, crawling, climbing, and reaching.

The point of contact is Cynthia Inman @

Assistant Safety and Health Manager, County of Orange, CA

Posted: Sep 02, 2020

Assistant Safety and Health Manager
(Administrative Manager I)
The Office of Risk Management is part of the County Executive Office (CEO). The Office
preserves and protects the human and capital assets of the County of Orange to allow
County departments and agencies to meet their missions without unnecessary cost. It
operates as an “insurance company” for the County of Orange and manages numerous
programs. The Safety and Loss Prevention Program strives to ensure a safe environment
for County employees and members of the public who visit County facilities and receive
County services. Safety staff works to meet County goals for risk reduction, and to
ensure that state and federal safety requirements are met or exceeded.
The Assistant Safety and Health Manager will report to the Manager of the Safety & Loss
Prevention Program (County Safety Manager). This position will assist with the
administration, coordination and management of countywide safety and loss prevention
programs and projects to meet program goals under the general direction of the County
Safety Manager.
Job duties may include managing programs and projects which may involve:
• Creating, reviewing, revising and updating safety and loss prevention
program policies and procedures to ensure compliance, consistency and
• Establishing and implementing systems to ensure compliance with safety
regulations, and County Safety & Loss Prevention Program policies and
• Gathering and analyzing data to identify injury and accident trends to help
direct programs and practices to mitigate those risks, and creating meaningful
metrics to help monitor effectiveness and progress towards established goals
• Establishing and improving systems to efficiently and effectively conduct the
business of safety and loss prevention
• Establishing and managing a robust program to mitigate risks related to injuries
cause by poor ergonomics, including office ergonomics
• Creating and implementing training programs that efficiently and effectively
provide for a better educated workforce with respect to safety and loss
prevention, and the creation of greater awareness of County resources
• Collaborating with County agencies and departments to create plans to
mitigate their respective safety risks in a manner consistent with the strategic
goals of the Safety and Loss Prevention Program
• Supervising and leading assigned staff to achieve Safety and Loss Prevention
Program goals
• Other programs and projects as assigned
The ideal candidate will possess three (3) or more years of progressively responsible
experience successfully leading programs and teams towards a common goal of being
compliant with applicable regulations and laws, mitigating safety risks in an efficient and
effective manner, and utilizing data-driven decision-making methods. In addition, while
not required, the ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in a safety or
public health-related field; possessing a safety-related certification, such as Certified
Safety Professional (CSP) or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
The ideal candidate will have thorough knowledge of and experience in the following core
• Understanding, interpreting and applying existing and proposed laws,
regulations and standards effecting the Safety and Loss Prevention Program
area (e.g., California Occupational Safety and Health Administration,
National Fire Protection Association, American National Standards Institute)
• Using and applying analytical methods (including statistics, root-cause, etc.) to
determine trends, associations and causation
• Understanding and applying basic building, facility and engineering principles
with respect to safety and loss prevention
• Establishing systems (e.g., software solutions, devices and equipment) to
efficiently and effectively conduct the business of Safety and Loss Prevention.
This includes development and utilization of intranet/internet pages, database
tools, training tools, mobile devices, technical equipment for collecting data,
• Collaborating with customers to establish goals that meet both
customer and organizational objectives
• Encouraging customer feedback on an on-going basis and using the
feedback constructively
• Addressing and effectively communicating organizational concerns and issues
• Presenting, discussing, and catering information to various audiences at all
levels within an organization (including Department Heads, stakeholders,
internal/external clients)
• Providing persuasive, and well-organized oral presentations and written reports
specific to safety and loss prevention related topics
• Utilizing software programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher,
and Microsoft Excel for communications and trainings

Jeff Hentzen
County of Orange | Human Resource Services
Tel: 714-834-2892

Safety Coordinator

Posted: Sep 01, 2020

Job Description

ASI Hastings the “The White Glove Guys” is searching for an experienced Safety Coordinator to develop and implement company’s general safety program.

Job Description/Responsibilities

It will be your responsibility to plan, organize, and direct all phases of the company’s safety programs to ensure that all activities are carried out in a safe, accident-free environment in compliance with company, local, state, and federal rules and regulations. You will investigate all accidents to determine the cause and complete all paperwork required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state regulations. You will also conduct safety training for managers and employees on a continuing basis. Periodic physical inspections of company facilities and job sites to ensure employees are following safety procedures such as wearing proper protective equipment when carrying out their assigned duties.


Must be thoroughly familiar with federal and state regulations covering all aspects of safety and health. You’ll also need to possess the abilities necessary to make recommendations concerning the modification, improvement, or removal of any company equipment, facilities, or machinery that are hazardous to employee safety or health; alert managers and employees to the hazards of working condition, dangerous chemicals, and any other hazardous conditions in the workplace; act as a company liaison with the safety governmental agencies and departments; review and analyze company accident reports and establish safety protocols.


An Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management OR safety experience in the construction industry. Knowledge of laws, safety codes and government regulations as it relates to safety. Familiarity in the development of training materials, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.

Job Type: Full-time
Contact: Maria Justo
V.P. of Admin & Finance Direct: 619-219-8964 Fax: 619-590-9363
ASI Hastings, Inc. 4870 Viewridge Ave #200 San Diego, CA 92123

Safety Manager

Posted: Aug 31, 2020

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