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Peer to Peer Directory

Jan 18, 2017

The SD ASSE Chapter is developing a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Resource Directory of members willing to share their expertise in a number of practice areas with other members on a pro-bono professional courtesy basis. As part of building our local safety community, local members willing to participate can fill out a simple registration form indicating their areas and levels of expertise following the ASSE Body of Knowledge categories, and also state whether they are willing to mentor other members. The P2P Resource Directory will be available to SD ASSE members only. To register in the P2P directory download the registration form below or contact Chapter Secretary Enrique Medina at


Certificate of Appreciation

Mar 25, 2016

On March 7, Gary Couture (President), Isaac Szmuilowicz (Public Affairs) and Suzanne May (Governmental Affairs) participated in the Patrick Henry High School Career Fair, representing ASSE and the safety profession. Approximately 1000 students attended the fair and many were genuinely interested in career opportunities of a Safety Professional. It is important that we engage in opportunities such as this to promote our profession. Please let us know of any other similar events that you are aware of, so we can get our message out to our young people that a career in safety is a wonderful, rewarding and viable career path worth considering.

Certificate of recognition (doc)

Chapters’ President’s Award Renamed

Mar 25, 2016

As was announced to the Chapter members several months ago, Sam Cahan, Member Emeritus and Past President, has had our Chapters’ President’s Award, renamed in his honor. Though the award is determined solely by our Chapters’ President, several guidelines for consideration have been determined, but more importantly:

“The member to be recognized must embody the spirit of safety, be a sound and respected practitioner and be a person capable of respectfully representing our profession, chapter and ASSE.”

Sam, though now in retirement, clearly was a dedicated safety professional, a tremendous practitioner and represented us and ASSE on-the-whole in outstanding fashion. We remain honored to have an award named for him.

We will recognize our second President Award (and first as named for Sam) recipient this July; we are hopeful that many of our chapter members will attend the session and help applaud the chapter member that is recognized. This is also the meeting where we will be turning over the reins of the chapter to our new Officers and Board, so, please plan now to attend.

Apply for The San Diego Chapter’s Safety Scholarship!

Mar 25, 2016

Student Scholarships

To receive the award, an individual must be enrolled in an occupational safety and health undergraduate or graduate degree program, and maintain a home residence within the San Diego Chapter’s geographic region. Studies in Environmental programs are allowed, as long as the course of study has a safety component (minimum of 9 credits). The student must be enrolled as a part-time or full-time student.

To apply, the student will submit an essay discussing a safety project or research paper. The project / paper must be a minimum of 10 pages (double-spaced) with an annotated bibliography. The winner will present their project (using a power point) to the membership during a San Diego Chapter meeting. Award amount: $500.00

Membership Professional Development Scholarship

To receive the award, an individual must be a full member of the San Diego Chapter. The individual must have attended 80% of the Chapter meetings, and be enrolled in continuing educational courses, conferences, and seminars involving Occupational Safety and Health.

To apply, the member must send in copies of signed San Diego Chapter meeting receipts, and copies of continuing education transcripts, conferences, and seminars. A short 250 word letter must be submitted explaining the individual’s reasons for applying for the award and justification for receiving the award.

Award amount: 1 year Paid Membership dues to national ASSE

ASSE Scholarship Application (pdf)

WISE Mentoring Program

Aug 19, 2015

The WISE Mentoring program successfully connects today’s most talented and experienced women mentors with rising and aspiring mentees. This pairing is designed to encourage and empower mentees to more effectively advance their careers through alignment with identified business objective, skill development, career option consideration, and network formation. All discussions are strictly confidential between the two parties. If you are an SH&E practitioner seeking to chart a successful career path or a seasoned pro eager to share experiences and insight, please visit the ASSP WISE website for more information.